Building on our commitment to financial education and success

Our program with Discovery Education is designed to empower middle and high school students to achieve brighter financial futures.

Pathway to Financial Success in Schools is a curriculum developed by Discovery Education in consultation with Discover to help teachers give their students the tools and resources they need to take control of their finances. The full program provides students, teachers and families with standards-aligned curriculum and resources to help them:

  • Plan for the future, including career paths, financial goals and budgeting for success
  • Learn about financial services, such as banking options and mobile banking
  • Explore the tools needed for a successful job search and the process of getting paid
  • Identifying options to help finance higher education

Learn more about and access the Pathway to Financial Success in Schools comprehensive financial literacy curriculum, including classroom activities and family extension activities.

Pathway to Financial Success for College

Everyone’s path is different, but all students hope to achieve financial success along the way. We are helping them get started with financial education insights tailored to them.

Discover’s Pathway to Financial Success for College Students program combines leading technology with critical financial topics to deliver these insights to students, at no cost to select community colleges.

For more information contact Mitchell Amoros, Director of Higher Education Implementation,