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Explore our interactive map to see the awardees of Pathway to Financial Success Grants across the nation—even as far as Hawaii and Alaska!

Pathway to Financial Success

Pathway to Financial Success, created by Discover®, awards grants to bring financial education into high school classrooms, so kids can learn to make smart financial decisions and achieve their goals. We also offer resources to teach personal finance to grades K-12.

New This Year: Only U.S. public high school districts will be awarded Pathway to Financial Success this year. We are proud of our past support for individual schools, however, individual school applications are no longer eligible.

Financial Education must be taught as a required course either as a stand-alone or incorporated into another course that is required for graduation.

Pathway Blog

Summer Savings Challenges

After a full year of financial literacy lessons, the summer months offer the first real opportunity for your students to put everything they learned during the year to the test…. Read more

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