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September 28, 2016

Fall into Savings: How to Start Your Students on the Right Financial Foot

The sun is still shining and the feelings of summer are lingering, however, slowly but surely, the signs of fall are creeping in as everyone heads back to the classroom. Chances are most of your students spent at least part of the summer hard at work, whether it was tutoring, scooping ice cream, working retail or just mowing their parents’ lawns. Regardless, they likely did something to stir up some spending money. Below are some financial literacy lessons to impart to your students, advising them on how stretch their summer earnings as far as possible.

1.Evaluate your spending – It’s important that students carefully evaluate their spending. Complete an exercise with your students to walk through their weekly spending. This exercise should call out any bad spending habits – like that every day after school slice of pizza – that are hurting their finances.

2. Make a budget – At the core of every successful financial plan is a solid budget. Work with your students to make a budget for the school year, considering those big spending moments such as the holidays, birthdays and other events. Estimate how much they can spend each month, based on how much they’ve earned this summer, to help them make the most of their hard earned summer paychecks.

3. Save – High school students may feel it’s too early to start thinking seriously about saving, but an important lesson in financial literacy is that it is truly never too early. The financially trying days of college will be upon your students before they know it, so encourage them to put away a little money now – they’ll thank you later!

4. Grow your earnings – Even the strongest budget could benefit from some extra funds to work with. To close out this lesson, encourage your students to explore ways to earn money during the school year, every experience earning and dealing with money only improves their financial literacy skills!

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May 23, 2016

Summer Budget for High School Graduates

College is expensive, and it’s often the first time young people are on their own, working toward financial independence. The summer between high school and college is the perfect time for students to put financial literacy lessons learned throughout high school into practice – make a budget, earn and save money, and set themselves up for success in the next four years. Teachers can impart these lessons to graduating seniors who are entering college in the fall. Read more

September 16, 2013

Discover Makes a Difference

This past school year, Discover’s Pathway to Financial Success awarded $2 million to more than 150 schools and school districts. We are happy to report that these funds were used wisely.As many of you know, all of Pathway’s grant recipients have to report pre- and post- test scores as a requirement to receive the grant. Read more

August 1, 2013

FREE Financial Education Lesson Plans for Your Classroom

“Wow, I love your shirt,” I recently overheard my younger sister telling a friend.

“Thanks,” the friend replied, sharing that she purchased the shirt at a local boutique.

“I love their clothes, but they’re so expensive,” my sister commented. (And she’s right—they were expensive when I was her age, too!)

“Girl, that’s why you need to get one of these!” the friend said proudly, whipping out a shiny store credit card.

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