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October 18, 2016

Financial Literacy Midterms

October is not just the time for apple picking, hanging cobwebs and stocking up for Halloween; it’s also the time to reflect on the lessons you have taught your students in the first few units of the school year, determine the skills and lessons they have mastered thus far and identify the areas that need extra time and attention. We have compiled tips and lesson plan ideas to prepare your students for midterms on financial literacy or other subjects and track against your goals for the months ahead.

Lesson Plans in Jeopardy

A great way to assess your students’ progress in an engaging way before midterms is with a classroom-wide review game. This free tool allows teachers to create their own fully-customizable Jeopardy-style game and provides support for determining categories, keeping score and suggestions for the final question. You can also incentivize studying in advance of the review game day by offering prizes to the winners (i.e. extra credit or pre-Halloween candy).

Two Heads Are Better Than One

By having your students review for midterm assessments together in pairs, you will have the opportunity to move throughout the classroom, provide individualized instruction and spend extra time addressing concepts that are foundational for lessons that will be taught later in the school year. You can even intentionally partner the strongest students in the classroom with those that have struggled with certain material. The teaching and learning between students will encourage conversation and make for a more engaged and inclusive classroom environment in the months ahead.

Put to the Test

Quizzes and written tests aren’t the only way to assess your students’ knowledge and in some cases they aren’t even ideal. For your midterm assessments on financial literacy, consider foregoing a test and asking students to present a real-life budget, or assign a creative project encouraging your students to film a video, perform a skit or write a poem that demonstrates financial literacy concepts. You’ll be surprised at what your students come up with!

If you want more tips for planning financial literacy lessons, be sure to check back every month on the Pathway to Financial Success blog.