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January 20, 2017

2017: A Financial Literacy Fresh Start

2017: A Financial Literacy Fresh Start

After the toasts and the festivities of New Year’s Eve have wound down, it’s time to make some resolutions for the fresh year ahead. To kick off 2017, below are some tips you can share with your students to start them off on the right financial foot in the New Year. They also make for a great and engaging lesson plan! Read more

June 30, 2016

We’re halfway through 2016! How’s your financial plan holding up?

June brings us to the halfway point in the year; oh how time flies! You may remember that in January we outlined a year-long budget to help you structure and maintain a smart financial plan this year. We also urged you to share your journey with your students for a lesson in financial education. Now that the halfway point is upon us, let’s take a minute to review and evaluate your progress. Read more

May 10, 2016

Financial Education Matters

If you were an Economics teacher in the 1990’s, things looked a lot different in the financial education world.   There were only 1 or 2 standards tied to Financial Literacy.  No textbook contained any helpful information and there was very little supplemental or online material.  Most teachers might not have really focused on it, as it was not emphasized.  And those that did understand the importance had very little to choose from, most had to create their own materials. Read more

December 22, 2015

Pathway to Financial Success to be Accepting 2016 Grant Applications

Financial literacy continues to be an issue in schools across the U.S., but as the 2015 National Report Card on State Efforts to Improve Financial Literacy in High Schools revealed, things are getting better. The Report Card showed that nearly half (45 percent) of states earned an A or B for financial literacy education. The five states that earned an A all require students to take a dedicated semester of personal finance courses. Although improvements were made, 29 percent of states earned D or F grades, demonstrating the continued need for an emphasis on finance in the classroom. Read more

November 16, 2015

CFPB Releases New Tool for Reviewing and Evaluating Financial Education Curriculum

Recently, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a helpful new tool for educators like you to use when selecting financial education curriculum for students. With all of the curriculum options out there in the marketplace, this new curriculum review tool aims to help teachers identify the most effective and unbiased materials to use when teaching financial literacy in the classroom. Read more

August 11, 2015

Learning Financial Literacy Synchronously

Understanding Financial Literacy is as important as reading and writing for high school students to be career and college ready.  Through a grant from Discover, I was given the opportunity to teach a 10 day financial literacy program through synchronous video equipment to students at 4 different high schools in Howard County.  Read more

April 6, 2015

Happy National Financial Literacy Month!

Happy National Financial Literacy Month! April marks a month to celebrate financial literacy and raise awareness of the increasing need for financial education. According to a recent PISA international survey, 18 percent of the American 15-year-olds surveyed could not answer basic financial questions or handle simple tasks, like understanding an invoice. Read more