The Council for Economic Education (CEE):

Discover's Pathway to Financial Success program has supported the CEE with funding to update its Learning, Earning and Investing curriculum. CEE offers comprehensive, best-in-class K-12 economic and personal finance education programs, consisting of teaching resources, professional development for teachers and nationally normed assessment instruments. Each year, the Council's programs reach more than 55,000 K-12 teachers and more than 5 million students in the United States. These programs are delivered through a network of affiliated state Councils and university-based Centers for Economic Education, and through other partner organizations.

President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability:

Created by President Obama to assist the American people in understanding financial matters and making informed financial decisions, and thereby contribute to financial stability, the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability is composed of non-governmental representatives with relevant backgrounds, such as financial services, consumer protection, financial access, and education. The Council will suggest ways to coordinate and maximize the effectiveness of existing private and public sector efforts and identify new approaches to increase financial capability through financial education and financial access.