This is why Discover created Pathway to Financial Success—to help bring financial education into classrooms across the country in a fun, exciting and interactive way and help children graduate understanding personal finance as well as science, history and math.

We’re creating this movement with parents, educators and a community of partners that includes national experts. We need your help. Talk to your local schools and tell them you want financial education to be a part of the daily curriculum and that there are financial resources available. Be an advocate for financial education and engage your family and friends in the discussion to spread the word.

Pathway to Financial Success is awarding grants to U.S. public high schools that implement or enhance a financial education program in the classroom. Join us in creating a brighter financial future for our children that starts with the type of learning that helps students succeed long after they leave the classroom.

Our goal is simple: Give parents and children with the skills they need to succeed, preparing them for a brighter, responsible financial future. Pathway to Financial Success is committed to doing just that.