April 17, 2017

Happy Financial Literacy Month!

Now in its 14th year, Financial Literacy Month was created by a network of financial education stakeholders committed to setting young people up for brighter financial futures.

Every April, the Pathway Team offers ideas for teachers throughout the month to celebrate the benefits of financial literacy education.

Take a look at these tips and lesson plan ideas for Financial Literacy Month.

Celebrate Accomplishments

A great way to introduce Financial Literacy Month in your classroom is to highlight how your students have implemented the year’s lessons to move toward a brighter financial future. Have any of your students stuck with a New Year’s resolution budget? To kick off your celebration, have your students present to the class their greatest accomplishment in smart financial planning, budgeting and saving. Students can even speak to a time they shared the lessons from your class with others outside the classroom.

Evaluate Modifications

Once the students have shared their accomplishments, try to identify whether there are any key financial literacy lessons that were not represented in their presentations. As spring has sprung and the end of the school year is in sight, your students’ success stories will help you evaluate any modifications needed for the lessons you have planned for the remainder of the school year. You can also ask your students if there any topics or projects they would like to revisit for review. These conversations will be greatly beneficial as you work to prepare end-of-year evaluations.

Brushing Up

As your students refocus on setting themselves up for brighter financial futures, use the month of April to build lessons around foundational financial literacy topics that they may need some brushing up on. By revisiting key topics from the beginning of the school year, students will have a greater understanding of the building blocks of a financial literacy education and have the confidence and competencies needed to continue on to more complex topics in financial literacy throughout high school, college and in the professional world.


How do you and your class plan to celebrate Financial Literacy Month? Share your ideas for April lesson plans in the comments below.

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